Wai-Ora Farm Lamb, fresh New Zealand farm lamb
Farm fresh lamb from free range sheep and beef farm near Feilding, New Zealand

Whole or Half Lamb Available

Order Individual Cuts of Lamb

Each of our Lamb Packs include a half (side) of lamb prepared for you by a great team of people in our licensed premises - wrapped and packaged into meal size portions ready for cooking.

Order individual cuts of lamb using the Order Form below and collect from our Hutt Valley/ Wellington stockists.

We will email you to confirm collection date on receipt of your order.

To All Our Wonderful Customers: We are currently holding production of our lamb meat and are unable to provide our produce at this time. Thank you for your support. We hope to make our lamb meat available to you again soon on a regular basis.

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Available Cuts
Prices are approximate only as dependent on quantity and weight


From $8 per pack

Backstraps/ Striploin

From $7 per pack


From $6 per pack

Leg Steaks

From $6 per pack

Midloin Chops (6 per pack)

From $8 per pack

Whole Rear Legs

From $22 each

Half Rear Leg Shank End

From $12 each

Half Rear Leg Fillet End

From $12 each

Mini Rear Leg Roast Boneless

From $7 each

Front Leg Butterflied Whole

From $14 each

Front Leg Butterflied Half

From $8 each

Shoulder Rack

From $10 each

Shoulder Chops

From $4 per pack

Front Leg Boned & Rolled (Whole)

From $12 each

Front Leg Boned & Rolled (Cut in Half)

From $5 each

Front Shank (2 per pack)

From $6 per pack

Rear Shank (2 per pack)

From $8 per pack

Diced (approx 400 grams per pack)

From $8 per pack

Mince (approx 400 grams per pack)

From $7 per pack

Sausages (6 per pack)

$7 per pack

Neck Chops

From $4 per pack

Bag of Lamb Bones

$4 per bag

Box of Lamb Bones (15kg)

$15 per box

Boil Up


Bacon Available

From $4 per pack

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